Start-up fees

Making sure your legal framework is rock solid is one of the most important matters when starting-up your own company. At the same time it is one of the most common mistakes start-up founders make during their early stages: not establishing a strong legal foundation. Many start-ups put off getting legal advice due to limited budgets and the fear of high hourly rates at big law firms.

The best chance of surviving the start-up phase is to make sure your legal foundation is strong, your contracts watertight and as such, your focus can be on what you really want to do: market your product or service as well as you can and be a success! You will find plenty templates online but know: using these often leads to cookie-cutter corporate structures and legal documents that are not appropriate for the unique needs you have as a start-up and potential investors in your company.

We fully understand you may only spend your money once and as such you wish to do it wisely. So, let us help you with your legal framework on the basis of sound financial arrangements. We offer new start-ups a tailormade approach and charge any start-up (in their first year) a very competitive hourly fee, making costs and fee-structure clear from the start. So you know what to expect!

Are you a scale-up but not reaching your budgetgoals yet? No worries, our fees will still be much lower than you expect.


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