As a start-up, you need more than a corporate lawyer. You need a lawyer who understands the unique legal challenges you face as an entrepreneur. Someone that thinks as an entrepreneur and has gone through all stages of setting up a business.

Been there, done that, we know the pitfalls and how to avoid them. We provide strategic advice to emerging and growth-stage companies, keeping in mind the specific needs and growth cycle of start-ups. You’re first financing agreements, the first steps in joint ventures, shareholders agreements: these are all matters you will get to deal with sooner or later as start-up or scale-up. That’s where we kick in: we help you get your legal basis in order right from the start.


Here are some of the things we can do for you:

  • Business structuring and organisation. Think not only registration process, but also in terms of drafting and negotiating assignment agreements, your standard terms and conditions, partnership agreements
  • Getting (and keeping) founders on the same page by negotiating and drafting shareholders’ agreements.
  • Helping you finance your start-up by reviewing, drafting and negotiating finance agreements, investor agreements etc
  • General legal matters: we act as your “in-house lawyers outdoors”

Start-up fees

We recognise that when you’re starting a new business, the list of expenses seems endless and, too often, getting legal advice falls to the bottom of the priority list. Your primary goal is to set up shop as soon as possible and likely with a (tight) budget at hand. You may think you’re better off googling the legal basics, saving money using standard templates found online. This often leads to cookie-cutter corporate structures and legal documents that are not appropriate for the unique needs of a start-up and its investors.

Coming from an entrepreneurial background ourselves: we get it. When money is tight, tough decisions have to be made. But getting proper legal advice shouldn’t be one of them. So, have a look at our Flexible Pricing Plans and low start-up fees. We will make sure that your legal basis is sound!

Want to know more about our fee structure?

Start-ups can count on attractive start-up fees. You have better ways to spend your money! Want to know more about the possibilities?