Entrepreneurial freelancers and small business owners

Being self-employed or running a small to medium sized business takes passion, drive and dedication. Strategy is more often the result of “flair” rather than of complicated businessplans. That makes you (and your company) what you are and often is the reason behind success! Still, very once and a while you run into obstacles and legal issues that you would like to share with someone that knows the ropes. Better safe than sorry!

We are dedicated to providing small business owners with innovative, effective, and practical solutions for their businesses. Whether you are just starting up, growing your business, or planning to transition your business to the next level or generation, we have the depth of knowledge to provide you with the advice you need at a reasonable cost.

Here are some of the things we can do for you:

We offer services in a range of business law matters, including (but not limited to):

  • Agreements: whether a lease agreement, partnership agreement or other contract, as an entrepreneur you will encounter a fair amount of legal agreements. Are you fully aware of what you sign?
  • Legal structure: when is the time to transfer your business into another legal structure? Or are you working together with other entrepreneurs on a cost sharing basis and has the time come to re-evaluate? We can help you will all questions relating to the best legal structure for your company.
  • International (contract) negotiations: not everyone’s home court, negotiating your interests abroad. You may require specialised and experienced input.
  • Or would you just need someone that knows the ropes to listen and provide you with legal advice when you need it?

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Curious as to what we can do for you and your company? Let’s discuss the possibilities.