Expanding your business abroad? You will find a vast amount of legal issues (both nationally and internationally in nature) on your plate. From experience we know how difficult it is not to be loosing the forest for the trees.

Think upcoming Brexit: are you doing business with companies in the UK (or are you a UK based company with business in the Netherlands), then you need to keep in account various (at this time still uncertain) consequences. We keep a close eye on all legal matters relating to Brexit and can review and analyse whether your company is Brexit-proof from a legal point of view. Our newspage gives regular updates on Brexit and its legal consequences.

International contract-law is not everyone’s homecourt. Different countries, different views and what may seem logical to you as an entrepreneur, may not be so for someone foreign you try to get on board for your business! Based on a vast amount of experience working as a lawyer for various internationally oriented companies, we know the pitfalls and (legal) views cross-boarder. Drafting of and commenting on international agreements and cross-boarder negotiations on various aspects of law, we will make sure your best interest is secured.

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